This Privacy Policy explains how your personal data will be treated when any goods or services are offered to you by or on behalf of Express Fitness Jamaica Ltd or when you use the website “” (“website”) Personal data is any data in respect of which your identity is either apparent, or can reasonably be ascertained, from the data and/or other data that we or our partners have or are likely to have access.
By providing your personal data to Express Fitness, whether you have provided such personal data through our website, over the phone, at a Express Fitness club, a smart phone or social media application, or otherwise, you agree to the collection, use and disclosure of that data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If you do not consent to such collection, use or disclosure of your personal data, we may not be able to provide you with certain products or services. In addition to this Privacy Policy, there may also be additional privacy provisions that apply to certain sections of the website or to specific services offered by Express Fitness. Because these additional provisions also relate to your privacy protection, you should review them wherever they are accessible to you on the website or in the terms and conditions for the service. If there is any inconsistency between this Privacy Policy and those additional privacy provisions, the additional provisions will prevail.

1. What data have you collected about me?

We collect and hold data that you have provided to us about yourself, and information about your use of our services such as membership information and information about your use of our clubs. The information that we collect will depend on how you use the services offered by Express Fitness. Data that you might have provided to us includes: - data provided in applying for Express Fitness club memberships – for example, your contact details and credit card details; - data provided as part of your use of the Express Fitness clubs – for example, the frequency with which and the times at which you use a Express Fitness club including the classes that you attend; - data provided as part of your use of Express Fitness website and web services – for example, the email address you provide to participate in specific promotions and offers, information you provide about your use of our club and your fitness; and - data relating to your health – for example, the existence and nature of a medical condition disclosed to us in completing our pre-exercise questionnaire.

2. What do you do with this data?

We use and disclose your personal data to provide you with membership or guest visits to a Express Fitness club, and to offer you other Express Fitness products and services. If you do not provide us with your personal data, we may not be able to provide you with these services. Expressfitness does not store any of your credit card information in house; for security reasons, only the first 6 and last 4 digits of the card number is stored with our transaction gateway provider by Plug’N Pay. All Gateway Transactions uses real-time IP-based transaction technology to provide secure, fast, reliable payment processing services.

3. Are there any other times when you use my personal data for any other purpose or give this information to someone else?

Express Fitness recognises the trust you place in us when you give us your personal data. Other than disclosure to service providers (explained below) or as required by law (for example, disclosure to various Government departments or to Courts), our policy is that we do not generally give your personal data to other organisations unless you have given us your consent to do so. We may share your personal data with certain third parties, such as: providers of the electronic systems we use to collect and store your personal data; banks and financial institutions you use to make payments to us; and other service providers we use to help us run aspects of our business efficiently. Occasionally Express Fitness might also use your personal data for other purposes or share your information with another organisation because: - we believe it is necessary to provide you with a service which you have requested; - we believe it is necessary to protect the rights, property or personal safety of you, other Express Fitness members or guests, or any member of the public; - we believe it is necessary to do so to prevent or help detect fraud or serious credit infringements - for example, we may share information with credit reporting agencies, law enforcement agencies and fraud prevention units; - for obtaining legal advice; - we believe it is necessary to protect the interests of Express Fitness – for example, disclosure to a Court in the event of legal action to which Express FItness is a party; or - the assets and operations of the business are being transferred to another party as a going concern. When we share information with other organisations and service providers as set out above, we do so in accordance with this Privacy Policy. To the extent that these organisations and service providers gain access to your personal data, they will be made subject to confidentiality obligations which prohibit them from keeping this information or using this information for any other purpose.

4. Do you use cookies and all that stuff on your website?

Our website is designed to give you useful information about Express Fitness. We use cookies to ensure you can make online transactions securely. Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to your computer’s hard disk for record keeping purposes. Most web browsers are set to accept cookies. Express Fitness also uses cookies to measure our customers’ interest in different parts of our website. Cookies are useful to estimate the number of visitors to our website and determine overall traffic patterns. If you do not wish to receive any cookies you may set your browser to refuse cookies. This may mean you will not be able to take full advantage of Express Fitness’s online services.

5. How can I access the information you keep about me?

If at any time you want to know what personal data we hold about you, or about how such personal data has been or will be used, you are welcome to request a copy of your customer record by contacting Express Fitness on We aim to respond to most requests within 14 days, or if the request is more detailed, within 30 days. Express Fitness may recover from you its reasonable cost of supplying you with this information.

6. How do I change or delete the information that you have about me?

If at any time you wish to change personal data that is inaccurate or out of date, please contact us. If you want us to delete the data we hold about you, please let us know and we will do our best to delete it unless we need to keep if for any of the purposes identified in Items 3 or 4 of this Privacy Policy or for legal or business reasons.

7. Is the information Express Fitness has about me secure?

Express Fitness endeavours to take all reasonable steps to keep your personal data secure. We store this information on secure servers that are protected in access-controlled facilities. Only authorised users can access your personal data, and access is only for approved purposes. We train our staff and require our data operators to respect the privacy and confidentiality of your information. Unfortunately, we can’t give you an absolute guarantee that your information is always secure. For example, no data sent over the internet is 100% secure. While we ensure reasonable security arrangements to prevent unauthorised access, collection or use of your data, we can’t be held responsible for events arising from unauthorised access to your personal data.

8. What to do if I have a problem, question or complaint?

If you have any further queries relating to our Privacy Policy, or you have a concern, please contact the Express Fitness Personal Data Officer at If Express Fitness becomes aware of any ongoing concerns or problems with customer information, we will take these issues seriously and work to address these concerns.

9. Future changes

From time to time, our policies will be reviewed and may be revised. Express Fitness reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time and notify you by posting an updated version of the Express Fitness on our website. Before providing us with personal data, please check this Privacy Policy on our website for any changes.
This Privacy Policy was last updated in Jan 2017