Club Rules

For the Health and safety of members and staff, it is a condition of membership that the following Club Rules are adhered to at all times.
 Towels to be used on all resistance machines and floor mats
 Weights are to be replaced after use, including repositioning equipment in correct place if removed.
 Fit balls and stretch mats to be stored in correct location after use
 Water spillages either on gym floor or in the bathroom are to be removed immediately
 Equipment is to be shared if requested by another member
 Cleaning station material is to be used to wipe over all equipment
 Covered shoes to be worn at all times
 Members must wear appropriate exercise attire at ALL times. ( A shirt MUST be worn to cover the upper body, shorts MUST be mid-thigh or longer).
 Please use deodorant and observe proper personal hygiene
 All personal belongings to be left in dedicated open lockers
 Under no circumstances are non-members (including children) to be let in the facility or brought in unauthorized during unstaffed hours.
 Disturbing or interfering with the workout of another member is NOT allowed. Respect the rights of others by using courteous and appropriate behavior. Profanity and yelling are NOT allowed.
 Strictly no eating n the facility.
 In the event of a machine, please advise the manager on duty.
Failure to adhere to any of the Club Rules may result in the denial to work out.